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Height Increase Workout Yoga APK is a free app listed in Health & Fitness Apps. It is very easy to install Height Increa

Height Increase Workout Yoga App

Tired of seeing yourself short🤦🏻‍♀️?
Wanna grow taller⬆️?
Wanna look Tall & Sexy🔥?
It is 100% conceivable to increase your height and be taller by the demonstrated mystery Vedic ways of Increasing Height. Lots of lives have been changed by this Formula. (No medications or medical procedure required.)

This science-based 🔍app gives a powerful height increment process which works out, also we provide you with diet plans and height increase tips. You can expand your height normally at home and improve your height in weeks!

This Height Increase App is for all
Man & Woman
Adults & Teens
Before 18 years old
After 18 years old

We are unrevealing the Vedic secret formula to be taller. There are ancient Height Increase Yoga, Diet, Food, Tips & exercises that are set up in the best combination for you.
Increasing height or being taller naturally can be done by following this formula for 21 days. (Without skipping a day) and fulfill your dream of being taller.
This “Height Increase Workout App” has your daily personal trainer or coach, who will guide you and track all your workouts.

This Height Increase app works on 3 Formulas:

– Height Booster Diet Plan
– Ancient Yoga
– Vedic Exercise / Workout / Stretching

Ancient Yoga :
-All Height increasing yoga postures, Asanas, Dhyana recommended by Experts.
– Directly learn from 3D models.
– Schedule for each yoga workout.
– Track your daily schedule.

Vedic Exercise :
– Selective workout which stretches your body
– Aerobic exercise
– 3D model to teach you all exercises
– Video tutorials for easy understanding

-3D model animation training
-Easy to understand home-based workouts & exercise
-Everything – all the Features in-app are free

We have the best app for height increase workout, where we have given all the solutions to increase your height as well as get your body in shape to look smart.
So we advise you to use it once.


Q. How can one increase height faster?
Good nutrition, adequate physical activity, proper sleep during formative years, gender, genetics, puberty, and age are the factors that determine the final height of a person.

Q. Is it possible to increase height after the age of 18?
Height may not increase after one reaches the age of 18-20. For girls, the high point is up to the mark completed by the time they are 14-15. For boys, the growth spurt occurs later in many cases.

Q. How much does genetics play a role in increasing height?
Genes are the most important part that affects height increase. So we can say that it depends on genes. It is inherited from our parents and is a natural process.

Download APK(v7.6)

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