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Planit Live: Travel Companion v1.1.7 APK for Android download

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Everyone wants to take great photos. However, many photos look “flat”. The main reason for the flatness is because there

Everyone wants to take great photos. However, many photos look “flat”. The main reason for the flatness is because there is no light. Photography is an art of using light. Landscape photography is an art of using the nature light. That’s why great landscape photographers chase the light to the extreme. They captured the perfect moment when the nature light from the Sun, the Moon or the Milky Way and Stars are at the best angle or at the most perfect position. Our another app, Planit Pro, provided a powerful tool for pre-planning these perfect moment. However, when you are on the location, the purpose of using app is different. That’s why we decide to introduce the Planit Live, to provide the best experience for photographers when on the location.
This app is not only for professional photographers. Anyone who has a camera, even a cell phone camera, can benefit from this app. As a matter of fact, even you don’t take photo but just want to witness the beautiful scene because of the ideal nature light, you can use the app too. To make the app simple to use when on the location, we only defined a single user case: You need some information, so you take out the phone, open the Planit Live, get the the information right away and close the phone. The whole process will only last for a few seconds. In most cases, you don’t even need to click anything in order to get the information they are looking for. We also provided a reminder feature. You can setup the reminders before heading out. The app will remind you when the time is due so that you don’t miss these important moments. If you wear an Android watch that paired with the phone, you will see the reminder on the watch too.
What information does the Planit Live provide?
Daytime Photography: time for sunset, sunrise, moonset and moonrise, golden hours, blue hours
Night Photography: time when dark night starts and ends, milky way center positions on the sky and their time, Bortle scale for the location
Compass: the directions to the Sun, the Moon, and the Milky Way Center at any time of the day
Reminders: event reminder, time reminder and interval reminder
Of course, this is just the beginning. If you were a Planit Pro user, you should remember how many features we added to the Pro version in the past few years. It would be like that for the Live version. We will add many features that would be needed for photographers when on the location, such as AR, location tracking, and weather related features. To express our gratitude for users who supported us in the past few years, we will keep the Live version for free for the moment. Please download it, use it and provide feedback. Let’s together build the most useful app for you.

Download APK(26.0MB)

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